Our Programs

BOAT is about partnership

We believe anything can be taught outside. Environmental science, outdoor schools, and leadership, sure. But also history, social justice, STEM, writing, music, acting. The power is in the classroom – relaxing, inspiring, and challenging places that make any lesson just that much better. 

Whatever program we offer, we want it to be right for you. Connect, and let’s build a meaningful experience together.

different programs to meet every need

Our goal is to provide a “ladder to the outdoors,” essentially our way of saying that no matter where you’re at on your outdoor journey, we want to help. That means we run everything from education workshops on site, to full fledged expeditions.

BOAT primarily serves pre-existing groups and organizations. We don’t have summer camps you can sign up for individually, but we will set up custom programs for any size group of any type. We can also provide partial support for pre-existing trips – think transportation, food planning, or gear. By focusing on groups we reduce marketing costs, which is part of how we are able to support quality trips at discounted prices.

If you are not sure where to start, check out the basic “templates” we use to build our trips below. Then reach out to us and let us know what you are thinking.


Our bus is a fully functioning outdoor education program. We can pull up to your fair, farmer’s market, school, festival, or business and provide a full suite of outdoor education and consulting. 


Helping passersby plan their outdoor adventures. “Mr. Bones,” our (non-living) volunteer who will teach you how to stay warm in the elements, show you know topography with play-doh, or set up a quality Leave No Trace campsite with legos. We have activities for all ages and sizes of crowds. 


We’ll set up an out-and-back program, all do-able in a day. Great for families, clubs, or teams just looking to get out. Experienced guides turn it into a fun, educational experience – we’ll even bring snacks!


The bus meets your group in the morning. We’ll do a quick check to make sure you have food, water, and the right clothes. Then grab your seat, and we’re off to the trailhead for a quick jaunt – and back before dinner! Just need to get there? We can do bare-bones transit too.  


Sometimes all you have is that sweet, glorious two days at the end of the week. Make it count – go on a camping trip and learn something with BOAT. Custom adventures welcome!


Meet us on a Friday after your commitments, at school for the kids (or perhaps a brewery for our 21+ adventurers?). We’ll get out to a trail head that night, cook, camp out (possibly on the roof!), and wake up refreshed. Then we have a full day of programming, camp in the backcountry, and hike out Sunday AM. You’ll be back where you started by late afternoon. 


All camping is good camping, but sometimes you really want to get into it. Our custom expeditions can take you off-trail to alpine lakes, hidden campsites, and more. We’ll build a custom curriculum, provide all the gear, and our wilderness medicine certified guides will even teach you to ways of gourmet camp cooking (looking at you, sushi lovers). 


On day 1 we’ll show up in the morning at your front door. We’ll take an hour or two to hand out all the gear, pack up food, and look at the map – then we’ll load our packs on the roof and our people in the bus. We’ll drive to the trailhead, hike for a few days, and eventually end up back at the bus. Then we take you right back where we started!