why the wilderness?

Humans evolved to learn outside. Trips help people to be better students, better colleagues, and better problem solvers. The impacts we see from time spent in these places directly address many of the challenges facing Americans today. 

We believe wilderness classrooms can be one of the highest impact spaces to do any kind of education – and the data supports us. 

Academic Improvements

We see kids in outdoor education experiences experience a 74% increase in classroom engagement. Test scores have been shown to improve by 27%, and teachers often report kids are more attentive and better behaved. 

Health & Wellness

Outdoor expeditions were shown to decrease anxiety by 65% relative to those who couldn’t participate in them. Exposure to outdoor spaces has been shown to drop illness by 24%. And the physical exercise doesn’t hurt either. 

21st Century Leadership

In an era that calls for increased collaboration, problem solving, and working across difference outdoor programs offer a powerful educational tool. We can think of no better way to enhance emotional intelligence than spending ample time together outside.