connecting front doors to the outdoors

BOAT makes it easy to get groups outside. By turning a bus into a fully equipped outdoor program on wheels, we can bring a fully functional outdoor program right to your front door – hop on board, and we will take you to the mountains!

custom programs built for you

Our Impact | Summer 2019

YOUTH: 234 participating students
ADULTS: 169 participating students
TOTAL: 403 participating students

We brought over 400 students out into the wild, trained dozens of educators, and reached over 7,000+ members of the community with outdoor education programs in 2019.


Need some outdoor educators at your fair or farmers market? Want outdoor education in your school yard? Free camping trip consulting for your audience?


Outdoor survival and empowerment for kids? Campout for the troop? Introduce your brewery regulars to backpacking basics?  Day hike?


Need a few nights out? Want to navigate off-trail? Learn to make backcountry sushi with professional guides? Educational field trip?

Being outside is awesome...

Good for your health!

Exposure to the outdoors can decrease anxiety or health incidents by as much as 24%, while enhancing emotional intelligence, collaboration, and resilience in the face of adversity.

A better way to learn!

Kids with access to the outdoors show 27% increases in test scores, plus higher attendance, fewer in class behavioral issues, and more focus.

Impacts that last!

Behavioral effects from outdoor education can last for up to 4 months out from an experience - plus fun memories and learning that lasts much longer!

BOAT makes it easier.

The full package!

From food to gear to maps, everything you need for a trip is on BOAT. You can show up in sneakers and athletic clothes - we take care of the rest.

Front door to outdoor service!

We take you right from your front door to the outdoors! We will find an area near you that fits your program needs - and that means you don't pay for our facilities or capital expenses.

Curriculum built for you!

We build our content to fit your mission - the outdoors can be a classroom for anything! Work with us, and we will figure out how public lands can serve your specific needs or content.

a wilderness program on wheels

get on board

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